Announcement of Partnership Buyout


This is to inform you that I have purchased all of the

interest of my former partner, [name] , and that

he is no longer associated with the firm of [name of firm]

Our business will continue to provide the same high quality

products and service on which we have built our reputation

and this internal change will in no way effect our company

policy or manner of conducting business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the

coutesies you have shown us in the past, and hope that you

will let us continue to serve your business in a way that

is mutually beneficial and profitable to us both.

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Announcement of Business Name Change


As our new letterhead indicates, we have recently changed

the name of our business from [old name] to [new name]

There has been no change in management and we will be

providing the same products and fine service on which we

have built our reputation in the industry. We would

appreciate it if you would bring this announcement to the

attention of your accounts payable department and direct

them accordingly.

Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We

appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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