Letter Samples L-R

Retirement Announcement Letter

If you have been working for a company for a long time, you might have been thinking about your own retirement. You must have been excited to do all the things that you never done before and rest without worrying in your own retirement house. Before

you plan your life after you leave the office, you must send a retirement announcement to your boss and fellow employees.

A retirement letter, or a goodbye letter for work, is a standard letter for those who are seeking for a retirement. You might have announced earlier to your fellow workers and boss that you want to leave, but making this letter is a form of formality and work etiquette so you must follow it.

If you are writing a retirement letter, you must clearly state your reasons on why you want to retire. You must also say thank you to your fellow workers and boss and to welcome the new person who will be in charge of your previous work. In the end, you can state your telephone number and home address should your co workers and boss want to still keep in touch with you. You can also add your own personal experience, but it is up to you if you feel you are close to them or not.

Here is a following example of a retirement letter of a teacher:


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November 25, 2010

Katherine Hyde
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, NY 02346

Memphis High School
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mr. Principal, Teachers, Parents and my beloved Students,

This is to inform you that I will be retiring effectively on December 11, 2010. I have reached a time with my life when I realized I have fulfilled my goals as a dedicated teacher for Memphis High for 20 years. I believe being a teacher for that long is enough for me already. I am glad that I worked with my fellow colleges who also became my friends, and mentored good students who have successful careers today.

Thank you for the happy memories that you gave to me. I will miss the laughter with the students, the hectic workload of checking of assignments, exams and projects, and the times I shared with my friends here. Ms. Charlotte Hall will take over my subjects, so I would be very glad if you warmly accepted her as you did to me 20 years ago.

Should you want to have a nice chat and get together, you can call me in this number 304-331-6387 or visit me at home in 2546 Froe St., Wheeling, WV 26003. It would also be nice if I could visit the school again from time to time.

Again, thank you and best wishes for the school.

Katherine Hyde
Science Teacher and Head of the Science Department
Memphis High

Apology Letter for Late Payment

Some of us have experienced committing mistakes. We think of what should have and should have not said or done . Instead of moaning and dwelling on it, you should take quick action in order to resolve the problem. A very effective apology can actually improve and strengthen a relationship. In writing an apology letter, you should consider the following:

  • You have to write the apology letter as soon as you realized your mistakes. Don’t procrastinate.
  • Focus on the things you can do in order to amend the situation. As the saying goes, “don’t rub it in.” Do not stress on what you had done wrong.
  • Keep it simple and brief. Make an apology letter that is straight to the point.
  • Choose words that show your sincerity. Don’t use melodramatic language.
  • You have to take full responsibility of what you have done and don’t blame someone.
  • The tone of your letter must be respectful and considerate. You have to keep in mind that you are rebuilding a relationship that has been damaged.
  • You have to try your best to apologize personally.

Below are samples of an apology letter for a late payment:

Sample Letter # 1

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December 01, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To whom it may concern:

You may be aware that we were not able to pay our October rent payment of $500. We have being pulling our strings to meet our expenses but we will be able to give you the payment on November 1. We apologize for our late payment and for any inconvenience this has caused you.

We appreciate for your understanding. Kindly expect for the check in your mail box on the said date.


Antonio Gates

Sample Letter # 2

December 01, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To whom it may concern:
I am truly sorry if you haven’t received my payment for last month. I recently found out that there have been errors in my bank account and I wouldn’t want to send my payment until the errors has been solved. Once the errors have been cleared, I will immediately transfer the funds to your account.

I have been happy with your services and I assure you that this unforeseen incident will not jeopardize our future transactions.

Vince Jackson

Sample Letter # 3

December 01, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To whom it may concern:
Enclosed in this letter is the half amount of my rent payment which I owe you. I will be able to pay you the outstanding balance including the late fee before December 1.

I am truly sorry for being so late with my payment. I hope this has not caused any inconveniences on your part. Thank you for your understanding.

Charlotte Bront

Letter of Confirmation of a Promotion or Transfer

A promotion is something to be celebrated, whether you are the promoted employee or the company boss. It means that the employee is very hardworking and worthy of the new job.

To publicize the promotional success of the employee in a very special way, the company must send a Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation.

A Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation is a good company memo especially if the management already told the employee first hand. The letter must be formal and short but very inspirational for the employee to continue his work.

It is also best to include in the letter the new job title, the new annual salary, the person who will be taking his former job and the new office location if any. Add the congratulatory remarks and the last paragraph of the letter.

This is an example of a letter of a promotion and relocation:


June 22, 2010

Rose Washington
2228 Golf Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

SUBJECT: Promotion Letter

Dear Rose,

This is a confirmation of your promotion as the Service Department Head beginning July 1, 2010. You will receive an increase of $12,000 in your annual salary for a total of $38,000. You are also requested to turn over your previous jobasignment as the Service Head Assistant to Pamela Rosenbaum.

As the new Head of the Service Department, you are required to read and fully understand the duties and responsibilities, tasks, and benefits from the job manual attached to this letter. You will also be relocated to our branch in Boston. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 781-972-7356 or send a message to StephenEWallace@MarketingGang.com.

Congratulations on the behalf of Marketing Gang Corporation and may you have a blessed year ahead.

Best Regards,

Stephen Wallace
HR Department Head
Marketing Gang Corporation

Letter of Receipt for Package Sent or Received

This letter is written to confirm the receipt or sending of a package or documents.

The body of the letter contains the confirmation that you have sent the item/package informing the recipient/customer the content of the package, how it is being sent, and expected date of arrival.

Also, this letter confirms the receipt of the item, closing the transaction, and provides feedback to the sender that the item has arrived and received.

The tone of the letter is formal. However, the tone may be a little less formal considering if the client/customer is a regular.

Replies can be short. If there are other details that need to be addressed, it should be then included in the letter.

Example Letter to Confirm Sending of a Package or Documents


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is to notify you that the revisions on the dissertation papers were mailed today as you requested last week. Expected arrival of package is within two to three days via mail courier.

I am pleased that you have taken the necessary time to make the revisions on the paper. However, there are some additional reminders and last-minute notes for you to better improve your research.

I commend you, as early as now, for your hard work and dedication to finish the research paper. I wish you the best of luck on your defense. Do update me on how it went. And feel free to write or call me for further assistance.


Name of Sender

Example Letter to Confirm Receipt of a Package or Documents


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is to acknowledge and confirm receipt of the revised dissertation paper. I will be always grateful for your professional input on my study. By the way, I have looked into the sites that you have given and I have gained additional materials for my paper.

I will keep you in the loop as how my defense will go. Thank you for the vote of confidence.


Name of Sender

Confirmation Letter of Receipt Order from a Customer

A confirmation letter of receipt order from a customer may be necessary in the subject of purchasing orders.

However, to avoid any delays or problems like in the delivery and changes in details of an item, or a request from the customer, a written confirmation of the receipt of an order should be provided.



Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame),

This is to confirm that we have the Receipt of Orders as per requested.
The company has received your order for:

– Three (3) rolls of 36 meter x 60 inches of white pure cotton fabric that cost $10.00 per meter.
– Four(4) female adult size mannequins made from fiber glass, white in color at $75.00 each
– One (1) roll of 36 meter x 45 inches of floral printed silk at $20.00 per meter.

An additional fee of $20.00 has been added for delivery charge since the items have exceeded the required weight that covers freight cost.

Expect your order within 5-7 days from our receipt of your orders. You will be given the tracking number of the cargo once it is ready for shipment for your referral.

Do feel free to contact us should there be any questions and clarifications on your purchase order or if you wish to place another order. We are pleased to have served your needs.

Thank you for your continued patronage.


Name of Sender

University Acceptance Letter


Congratulations on yor acceptance to the (name
of university)

You are now challenged with making the very important
decision of selecting which college or university you
are going to attend. We know that this can often be
an extremely difficult decision for the young man or
woman about to enter college.

We, at (name) , recognize the importance
of your decision and the commitment it entails to learn
and develop by means of association with an outstanding
center of learning. As awesome as it may sound, this
decision may very well have an impact on the quality of
your life.

I believe that the (name) offers not only an
a superb educational experience, but also promotes
individual growth and development. (number) percent
of our faculty hold Ph.D’s or law degrees and we offer
our students over (number) courses.

We encourage you to visit our campus if you can. If you
have not made a commitment as to where you will attend
college next fall, I hope you will carefully evaluate
the information contained in this letter and seriously
consider our university.

My very best wishes to you for a successful collegiate
experience, and I sincerely hope you will be joining us
here at (name) in the fall.

Third Letter in Response to Billing Error


This is the third letter that I have written to you
regarding the status of my account.

I am enclosing copies of my previous letters to avoid
having to set forth the same information for you again.

I am beginning to get quite annoyed by all of the dunning
notices you have been sending to me in error and would
greatly appreciate if someone would straighten out the
problem that exists on your end.

I do understand the difficulty you must have in maintaining
all of your records, but I do believe that if you would
bring my correspondence to the attention of your credit
manager he may decide to suspend the mailing of these
notices to me until this problem is resolved.

Thank you.

Subscriber Letter, News Service


As the Chambers News Service grows, it is our objective
to ensure that you obtain the best possible service.
Should you have any questions, concerns or comments about
our service, we encourage you to call our toll free number
(800) 450-3321, and speak with one of our Chambers News
Service Representatives.

When calling, please identify yourself as a subscribing
customer. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained
to give prompt and efficient attention to your requirements.
There are representatives on duty from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
everyday except Sunday.

If you are pleased with the Chambers News Service, we ask
that you tell your friends. It is our intention to continue
to add valuable news and information to our service in order
to provide you with the best information gathering source

Revocation of Guaranty


Date: _

To: _ (Creditor)

Reference is made to a certain guaranty issued to you by
the undersigned guarantying the continued credit of _,

Please be advised that effective upon receipt of this
letter of guaranty revocation, the undersigned shall not be
obligated on the guaranty for any future or further credit
extended by you to the company.

Very truly,


Return of Purchase Order and Request for Advance Payment


Your purchase order has been referred to me. I note that
the third item on the order is 50,000 of our Model 310
American Flags at a price of $13.10 each. While we
appreciate an order of this size, the terms and conditions
on page 233 of our catalog clearly specify that overseas
orders are accepted with full payment in advance, and with
an amount sufficient to cover shipping.

We are therefore returning your purchase order. Please
resubmit your order with either a sight draft, or an
irrevocable letter of credit. We anticipate shipping
charges to be in the neighborhood of $1.00 U.S. per flag

Thank you for your order. We look forward to serving
you in the near future.