Confirmation Letter of Receipt Order from a Customer

A confirmation letter of receipt order from a customer may be necessary in the subject of purchasing orders.

However, to avoid any delays or problems like in the delivery and changes in details of an item, or a request from the customer, a written confirmation of the receipt of an order should be provided.



Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame),

This is to confirm that we have the Receipt of Orders as per requested.
The company has received your order for:

– Three (3) rolls of 36 meter x 60 inches of white pure cotton fabric that cost $10.00 per meter.
– Four(4) female adult size mannequins made from fiber glass, white in color at $75.00 each
– One (1) roll of 36 meter x 45 inches of floral printed silk at $20.00 per meter.

An additional fee of $20.00 has been added for delivery charge since the items have exceeded the required weight that covers freight cost.

Expect your order within 5-7 days from our receipt of your orders. You will be given the tracking number of the cargo once it is ready for shipment for your referral.

Do feel free to contact us should there be any questions and clarifications on your purchase order or if you wish to place another order. We are pleased to have served your needs.

Thank you for your continued patronage.


Name of Sender

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