Announcement Letter of Appointment of Employee to New Position

It is important to announce to the entire organization of an appointment of an employee to a new position. It could be a new employee who just joined the company or a person who was promoted in a new post.

Announcing this to the entire organization shows how you welcome, recognize and give support to the person. It is a way as well that you asks all the employees to do the same thing.

It can be done through making a memorandum that the employees can read and refer to.

1) Use positive tone when you give the importance and extent of the appointment of an employee to a new position. If he replaces someone who did not perform well, do not state any negative things about the person who previously handled the position.

2) The mood of the memo should show your enthusiasm and congratulatory. It should express how confident you are in the abilities of the employees that he can do the job.

3) It should contain the qualifications of the person in order to let the reader know that the new person for the post is indeed competent and qualified.

4) Proofread your work. There should be no punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors.

5) Make sure to provide details that are accurate and complete.

6) Construct a memo that can be easily understood by the employees. It should be concise and brief.

7) Highlight in your memo the key accomplishments and the previous position of the person.

To better guide you on how to construct this type of memo – announcing the appointment of an employee to a new position.


December 8, 2010


Managing Director – General and Administrative Services
Washington Medical Center

SUBJECT: New Business Development Manager

We are delighted to share with you that we have a new Business Development Director for our New Business Development Team who joined our company. Mr. John Doe has accepted the position effective December 10, 2010. John comes to our company with a vast and wealth of experience in the field of developing and creating new businesses.

He was previously the Business Development Director of St. Gabriel’s Medical Hospital. His primary roles were to create business opportunities for the institution and to lead the Business Development Managers and Supervisors. He was also in-charge of constantly monitoring the performance of his team. John was also tasked to prepare all financial projections, review and make profitability reports, and to analyze the market trends of the hospital. He also helped in conceptualizing projects and programs of the sales and marketing team.

We are indeed excited to welcome John that he decided to join the company. I would like to invite everyone to join the management team in welcoming John to the Center in his position.

Thank you.

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