Complaint Letter for Poor Facilities or Equipment

A letter of complaint to cite poor facilities or equipment seeks to have a particular facility improved, repaired, or replaced. The main goal is to make the letter-recipient rectify the problem, if possible without entailing additional cost on the part of the complainant.

In most cases, the person in charge of overseeing the facilities may not be personally responsible for the damage or decrepit condition of the equipment or facility which is the subject of the complaint.

Nonetheless, a firm, direct, and courteous letter may be a good first step to enlist cooperation, and bring the matter to the attention of people who can get the problem solved. Here’s a sample letter of complaint for poor facilities or equipment, that points out pertinent details about the situation directly from the person filing the complaint:


December 2, 2010

Mr. Jason Smith
Gym Manager
Eclipse Fitness Center
250 South West Main Street
Chicago, IL 65432

Dear Mr. Smith:

I became a member of Eclipse Fitness Center on June 15 of this year. Over the last six months, I have found the overall gym cleanliness and the good working condition of equipment as highly satisfactory. In recent weeks, though, I have noted that some of the equipment have not performed accordingly.

An example is the treadmill, which has been making squeaky noises when in use. While there is a general announcement for gym members to keep the gym equipment clean following use, I believe the housekeeping or maintenance team can take measures to prevent certain equipment, like the treadmill, from damage and malfunction.

I also wish to take this opportunity to inform you that on several occasions, I have found cockroaches in the locker room.

It is my hope that you will be able to address these concerns at the soonest possible time. I am considering to leave for another fitness center, especially if these issues are not resolved in the next couple of weeks. I may be at 312-555-7888.

Sincerely Yours,

Daniel Gregory

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