Announcement Letter of Bad News to Employees

It is really difficult to announce a bad news to your employees. Example is when the company will not be able to give the bonus that they promised.

Executives and managers find it hard to break the news that employees will no longer be receiving their yearly bonus.

Management must lay their cards on the table. It means that there must be a really good reason for the bonus not to be given to the employees. Such reason must be explained thoroughly.

It would be best to right a letter to your employees stating the bad news and the explanation for such news.

Below is an example of how to announce the bad news to your employees through a letter.


December 20, 2009

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To all employees:

The existing global crisis is really a tough problem that we have to face. You very well know that our country is experiencing recession right now. Our government is doing everything to fix this problem. We can expect more tough times ahead. Unemployment is likely to remain high, due to many business closures. The situation at the financial market is still unstable. During the crisis period millions of people have been recessed and some professions have become not required at all. The global recession is not only happening here in the United States. Europe is experiencing the same problem.

We should not despair because crisis is a normal thing in the life of people. There is hardly one of us who cannot remember some situation that has thrown him from the measured and stable current of life into an uneasy and anxious situation which is unexpected. Anyway, critical circumstances require to revise the past positions and to develop a strategy in order to reach our new goals.

In this connection, the company cannot give you the bonus that you are expecting for the yearend. The company is experiencing difficulty in its sales output. We have no choice but to cut down expenses for the meantime. Please bear with the company. The management is doing everything to prevent the business from closing. Please join us in saving this company and hope for a better future.

Benjamin Long

Human Resources Director

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