Letter of Complaint About a Faulty Product

A letter of complaint about a faulty product cites defects of flaws in a product that has just been purchased, and which in no way was caused by the consumer. The flaw may reflect that the product was in poor condition or had a defect, even before the purchase was made.

The purpose of the letter is to ask the company to rectify the situation by replacing the faulty merchandise with one that’s in good working condition, or refund the customer.

To write an effective letter of complaint about a faulty product and get the desired action, express your points concisely and politely, and be ready to substantiate your complaint.
A letter of complaint about a defective product must include what the item is, the date of purchase, the retail store or branch address where the item was purchased, and what the defects are. Here’s a sample of a letter of complaint about a faulty product:


January 01, 2011

Nancy Hampton
Suite 2508, 25th Floor
Pacific Plaza
410 Des Vex Road West
Hong Kong, Alaska 99873

Ms. Ana Liu
Customer Service Head
Union Department Store
3/F., Block 2, Tai Ping Industrial Centre,
Juneau, Alaska 99873

Dear Ms. Liu:
Last November 28, I bought an electric tie rack at Union Department Store — the TR200 Electronic Rotating Tie Rack. After setting it up at my house on the day I purchased it, I discovered that the built-in light of said tie rack does not automatically switch on at the touch of a button, the way it’s supposed to do after the first try. Moreover, instead of a quiet, powerful motor, the device makes a jarring sound. Attached is a photocopy of my receipt.

The TR200 electronic rotating tie rack that I purchased from your store did not live up to its claims. Hence, I am requesting for a replacement in good working condition. Otherwise, I would like a refund.

Nancy Hampton

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