Apology Letter for an Invoice or Billing Error


Financial matters are a big issue for many people. They will get upset when they find there is a billing error that they get. It is best to issue a letter of apology for an invoice or billing error.

Here is an example of a letter of apology for a billing error:


December 20, 2010

Scott Glean
Accounts Supervisor
ACME Company
987 Business Center Circle
Juneau, Alaska 99876

William Told
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear Mr. Told,

You might have received invoice number 1200 from our company during the past days. The said invoice states that you are to pay for $250 but the correct amount to be paid is only $25. We are very sorry for having sent the wrong amount to you. Our billing system erroneously exchanged the amounts due from our customers. The said amount is supposed to be billed to another customer but the billing department erroneously sent you the wrong amount. We have been experiencing some trouble with our billing system lately and we do apologize for the inconvenience such error might have caused you. You have been one of our top customers and we treasure your continued patronage.

We assure you that this will not happen again because we will soon be availing the services of telecommunications service providers. Our company will soon be undergoing a system upgrade. This step will surely minimize billing issues for two primary reasons: Reduce the impact on the customer and the customer care organization and reduce the negative revenue impact, by controlling both actual dollars lost and customer churn. Customer churn, also known as customer attrition, customer turnover or customer defection, is a business term used to describe loss of clients or customers.

We understand the need for all companies to have an invoice verification process to evaluate the sample output from every billing cycle. No company should believe that there is no need to do this. Things do change, and do go wrong, even if nothing has been modified in the actual billing software. As problems are discovered, ad hoc tools should be in place to immediately determine the impact on the customer and company finances. If the problems are found to be minor in both categories, the cycle can usually be approved, and customer inquiries and issues managed after the fact.

We value our customers and we always want them to be satisfied with the service that we deliver. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We assure you that your next billing statement will be updated and it will reflect the correct bill.

Thank you,

Scott Glean
Accounts Supervisor
ACME Company

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