Apology Letter for Damaged Property


Causing damage to someone else’s property can mean one of two things, intentional and accidental. Whichever the case, it is best to write a letter of apology for the damaged property you caused. Express remorse and find a way to make reparations.

Here is a sample of a letter of apology for damaged property.


December 20, 2010

Scott Glean
123 Mockingbird Lane
Canoga, PA 12242

William Told
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear William,

Please allow me to express my sincere apology for the wrongful act I have done last November 25, 2010 which caused damage to your fence. I just came from work before the accident. I worked for twelve hours and I was really very sleepy during that time. The truth of the matter is that I had no such intention of damaging your property but it was done purely by accident. My mind was focused on going home as fast as I can, have a hot shower, nice dinner and going to bed. It kept bothering me that I failed to notice that I am already driving too fast. I tried to swerve away from the fence but it was too late. The newly painted fence fell and it was my entire fault. I know that you have just put up that fence a week ago and it made me feel really bad about the situation.

I am good in doing carpentry work and if you want to, I am willing to do the repairs on your fence. I am a full service General Contractor specializing in Residential Renovations including; Kitchens, Bathrooms, Master Suites, Basements, Attic Additions, Media Rooms, Furniture, and Custom Cabinetry. I can finish all the repairs in one day.

But if you do not want me to do the repairs, I am very willing to pay for the cost of the carpentry works as a gesture of my sincere apology. We have been neighbors for quite some time although I don’t regularly join our community cook-out so I don’t really want us to be hostile with each other. We could be good friends, too. I am really ashamed of what I have done and the wrongful act I made will make me guiltier and will further bother my conscience if this letter of apology will not warrant your forgiveness. I really hope you would forgive me.

I promise that this incident will not happen again. I promise to be really careful in driving so as not to cause damages such as this. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Scott Glean

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