Apology Letter for Poor or Inadequate Service

There may be times when expectation are not met when providing a service or product. To enhance goodwill, it is best to issue a letter of apology for poor or inadequate service.

It will always help to express your regret and give assurance of a better experience to the client in the future.

Here is an example of a letter of apology for poor service:


December 5, 2010

Michelle Thompson
Guest Services Manager
Comeback Resorts
987 Business Center Circle
Beaumont, Alaska 99876

John Smythe
5673 Antler Way
Kronos, California 92050

Dear Mr Smythe,

Please allow me to express my deep apology for the poor and inadequate service your staff received during the seminar they have conducted in our resort. I am so sorry we were not able to provide training facilities and other accomodation you needed during your stay with us. I was informed by management that the training facilities should be part of the contract but the shipment for our equipments arrived late so we were not able to provide your staff with training facilities.

This experience will serve as an eye-opener for us. The management will have to make abrupt changes in our training rooms and after this, I will request you to come and experience the new service. It is our policy to keep our customers happy. Your comments regarding the service you received at our resort are very important to us. We want customers to enjoy their stay with us. You deserve only the best service especially when you come to visit the resort. We understand that a resort is for relaxation.

The blue waters is ideally suited for those in need of just lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails on the beach or relaxing with a good book under the shade of swaying palm trees. It is a nice and quiet place, away from the pollution. Our resort is situated in the heart of the Island, in an artistic tradition with a combination of modernity and simplicity, but still classic and at the same time native. It is a beachfront resort. It also provides a veritable oasis of calm and understated luxury with its wonderfully modern ambience, perfect for seaside-casual living.

We are asking you to visit us again so you could see the changes made in the resort. We would like to redeem ourselves, give you the best service ever. On your next visit, we will give some discounts on our training areas and cottages. We really want you to enjoy staying here, to enjoy the ambiance. We want to keep the general impression that our resort is a complete get-away from the city life.

Please visit us again soon.

Michelle Thompson
Guest Services Manager

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