Apology Letter for Offensive Behavior


This is every business establishment’s worst nightmare, bad behavior by their employees.

It is important, upon learning of such rude encounters by guests or customers for a supervisor or manager to issue a letter of apology for offensive behavior.

There is no excuse; the customer is who pays your bills.

Here is a sample letter of apology for offensive behavior:


December 5, 2010

Annika Frust
Customer Service Manager
Comeback Industries
987 Business Center Circle
Beaumont, Alaska 99876

Anthony Pierce
5673 Antler Way
Kronos, California 92050

Dear Mr. Pierce,

I want to express my heartfelt apology for the way I treated you yesterday. I was having trouble with my boss because he rejected all the report I have made and I was cursing on my way to the cafeteria. You came to my table and you said you wanted to join me for dinner and those words blurted out of my mouth. I am very sorry for saying, “get lost!” I did not really mean it. I saw the tears in your eyes and I felt sorry instantly. I tried to run after you but my feet seemed to be glued to the floor. I am expressing my sincere and honest apology due to my offensive behavior, with the end and view of asking your forgiveness and kind understanding on the matter.

I know that my act was one done in an ungentlemanly way for which reason I am now asking for your kind consideration and forgiveness. Please understand that it was not you I was mad at and I am really ashamed of the way I treated you. You did not deserve what I did. You are a kind and generous person. You always had a smile for everyone.

I assure you that your acceptance on my apology will surely change my ways in dealing with others. I am willing to correct this offensive behavior in any way I can especially if you could help me with your piece of advice. I will cherish it in my heart if you could extend that advice as you are the one who felt the blunt of that misbehavior I made.

Allow me, therefore, to express my sincere apology with the hope that this letter will help ease the hurt that I have caused. I have learned my lesson the hard way and I can assure you that I will no longer commit any offensive behavior towards you in the future. I promise to be sensitive and kind in dealing and talking with others. I hope you will forgive me and I also hope to have lunch with you one of these days.

Annika Frust
Customer Service Manager

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