Application Letter to Study in a Foreign University

An application letter to study in a foreign university should include the reasons why are you interested in pursuing to study a specific field in that university.

You have to mention your traits, qualities, goals, educational background, achievements, and extra curricular activities.

You should focus on explaining why are you interested to study in the said university and other information that will show that you are a good fit for the school.

Here’s a sample letter to serve as your guide in writing an application letter.


December 10, 2010

Dr. John Done
Institute Dean
Graduate School of Business
Berkshire University
London, England

Dear Dr. Done,

I am an Economics graduate of Aquinas University in the California. The university is known to produce top tier graduates with excellent academic records plus a well-rounded person.

I have this burning ambition to widen my horizons through higher studies. I want to be an instrument to help the business economy. I strongly believe that through the Master in Business Administration program of Lincoln University, I can enhance and hone my knowledge thoroughly. It will open my eyes to the global setting of business economy. It will help me prepare as well to be a leader and mentor.

Allow me to briefly give you some information about myself. I have a passion for reading educational magazines, management books, and journals. Among my academic strengths include Algebra, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management.

I also held the position as the Student Council President of our college. Some of my key achievements as President are: the tutoring program, relief operations to victims of different calamities and initiated the talks regarding adding additional study areas.

I am hopeful for the opportunity to become part of your prestigious university. Given the premier curriculum, competent and high caliber faculty and state-of-the art classroom and facilities, it will help me attain my goals and plans.

I look forward to hear a favorable response regarding my application for the Master in Business Administration program of Lincoln University.

Thank you.

John Scott
Applicant for Graduate School
Rainbow, California

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