College or University Application Letter

An application letter or a letter of intent for admission into a college or university is a correspondence that includes your accomplishments, personal qualities, goals and reasons why you want to pursue your studies in that particular university.

Most colleges and universities require all applicants to submit an application essay wherein you have to discuss something about your strengths, skills, passion, or an interesting story about your life.

Some might just require you to prepare a formal letter of intent that shows how qualified you are as a candidate for the school.

Here’s a sample letter of application into a college or university:


December 10, 2010

Dr. John Smith
College Dean
Faculty of Arts and Letters
Washington University
Seattle, Washington, 99091

Dear Dr. Smith,

I would like to express my interest for the Bachelor of Arts degree Major in Economics at the Washington University.

Allow me to briefly describe myself. The best word that I can say about myself is I am responsible. At the age of 10, my parents died in a car accident and I was left under my grandparents with my younger sister. It was my turning point to maturation. At an early age, I was raised how to look after my younger sister. It helped me be matured and think like an adult. I have to be responsible, be independent and decide on my own. All the challenges that I faced helped me to be a strong person. It helped me improve my judgment and decision capacity.

With all the challenges, it didn’t hinder me to become a diligent student. I was thirsty for knowledge and information. I always read news, journals, and educational magazines that helped me widen my knowledge. I can say that I have a strong foundation in Science and Mathematics. I am excelling in subjects such as Statistics, Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry. Marketing and Computer Science also appeal to me because I believe that for you to become a great economist, you have to widen your horizons beside numbers.

I also believe that a person will not learn everything inside the classroom. I gained practical skills from other activities I participated such as a campaign drive for victims of hurricane Katrina. Our community organized a relief campaign for the victims which I am part of it as one of the team leaders.

I know that Washington University’s premier curriculum, distinguished faculty and up-to-date facilities will help me fully develop my potentials and help me achieve my chosen career path.

I hope that you will consider my application as one of your students in the economics department.

Thank you.

Sarah Beddard

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