Complaint Letter on Poor Customer Service

A letter of complaint citing poor customer service implies that something has been done to create an air of discontent. It may be a discourteous staff member, or it may be an error in billing, or poor housekeeping services, or any customer concern which has not been properly addressed.

Whatever the factors that caused the customer dissatisfaction, the letter writer must make sure the complaint is valid before transmitting the correspondence to the proper person, usually the head of an establishment or customer service head.

A letter of complaint about poor customer service may be written in a polite and constructive manner, so that ultimately, the legitimate issues raised will be addressed and may result in better services for everybody. Here’s a sample letter complaining about poor customer service:

November 30, 2010

Ms. Marjorie Taylor
Guest Relations Manager
Sugar Beach Resort
Maui, Hawaii 98765

Dear Ms. Taylor:

My husband and I stayed at Sugar Beach Resort last November 20-21 and we thoroughly enjoyed the ambience, the clean surroundings, and complete resort amenities. It was everything we expected, except that we had an unpleasant encounter with one of your staff members.

While we acknowledge that it was a very busy weekend and the resort-hotel’s housekeeping staff was all doing their best, we had hope to experience good customer service. During the second day of our stay, we noticed that our room hadn’t been serviced even though we were gone the whole morning. We brought this to the attention of the housekeeping personnel and requested for some fresh towels. The housekeeping staff assigned to our area irritably said she will get to it, but the rest of the day went by and our room was not spruced up. Housekeeping did send up the towels but we were already packing to leave.

Please know that we would have loved to refer your resort to our friends, but there is clearly a need to improve the customer relations of your staff members. I hope you look into the matter and ensure it is not repeated.

Thank you & Sincerely,

Sophia Carter

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