Letter of Complaint on a Delayed Order

A letter of complaint for a delay in the arrival of goods ordered, or for a requested service to be provided, seeks not just an explanation but action. Complaint letters of this type looks for results while expressing disappointment and/or dissatisfaction.

It’s best to write in a clear and polite manner to receive the attention deserved or the desired action. A letter of complaint about a delayed order must be addressed to a senior manager of the company, such as the head of Customer Relations or Chief Executive Officer. In certain cases, like if you ordered merchandise online, you need to allow several weeks before lodging a formal complaint about delayed delivery.

A standard letter of complaint regarding a delay in the delivery of an order will usually require a follow-up call or email to inquire about reasons for the delay. Here is a sample letter of complaint about a delayed order:

December 3, 2010

The Customer Service Manager
Seasonal Impressions
864 Bridle Creek Dr
Jordan, MN 12345

Dear Sir/Madam:

I browsed your website on November 1, 2010 and found some items I liked. I immediately placed an order for LED Cascading/Snowfall Christmas lights. That was over four weeks ago. The Christmas season is here, but I still have not yet received the item I ordered. As you can see from the attached photocopy of my transaction details, I paid extra for a rush order.

Your website assures prompt delivery of orders on completed transaction. My credit card company has confirmed that the exact amount of the items I purchased had been billed to my account, but I have yet to take receipt of the item I ordered. I have requested for my LED Cascading/Snowfall Christmas lights to be delivered by parcel to my residential address at 175 Daffodil Street, York, KS 55211.

If the item has already been sent out, please furnish me with the delivery tracking number. Please call me at (465) 896-5555 regarding the status of my order. I hope to hear from you soon.


Aman Hapi

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