Complaint Letter on Radio & TV Broadcast

Listening to the radio and watching TV shows are some of the pastimes of people when they are at home. The problem is, there are times when the show presented in an immoral matter.

To stop the show from airing, a person can submit a letter to complai

n about a radio or television broadcast.

A Complaint Letter is essential to inform inappropriate shows to any TV or Radio Stations. If these shows present violence, sex and religion in a ridiculous matter, then people can submit letters as long as it was sent 20 days after these shows are first aired.

You need to write down all the inappropriate parts of the show and what apology do you wish for the broadcaster and station to do.

Here is an example on a complaint letter about a TV show and its content:


September 9, 2009

Donna Carter
TV Host
1206 Upton Avenue
Portland, ME 04101

Dear Ma’am,

I send you this letter to inform you how dismayed I am after seeing your TV show “The Donna’s Show” last September 5 on 5:00pm. One of your show segments features “Lucy”, a single mother who is addicted to drugs and sex. I don’t like the portrayal of women in your show about single mothers that always love sex and having fun. I also think that the woman is swearing in front of the camera saying things like “bull_ _ _ _”, “mother_ _ _ _” and “_itch”.

Truly, I am offended because I am a single mother myself. The segment was not edited fully because I can still see how the words come out of her mouth and hear the ending syllables. I and my kids loved the show, so it was very devastating for me to see such a thing.

I would like to see the station making an apology about the show segment. Please also show the proper warnings and edit the segment more fully next time.

Thank you and I hope to take action as fast as possible.


Jasmine Wood

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