Job Application Cover Letter

Wondering how to get your dream job by sending your resume and cover letter? You have the skills, competencies and the knowledge so let the employers know it through highlighting it in your resume and application letter.

Here are the tips on how to apply for a job opening through writing the perfect cover letter.

    1) State why you are writing that person. If someone referred you to that person for an employment, make sure you have to mention it. Most likely your reader will be interested reading your letter when he sees a name that he recognizes.2) If you are writing a person in response for a published job, include where you saw it and the date it was published.

    3) If you are writing a prospecting letter or you would like to know if there are any vacant posts, you have to write a very powerful paragraph to get the attention of your reader.

    4) You have to highlight that you are the best person for the job. Mention your capabilities, competencies, skills and knowledge. This is your time to shine. Include also your achievements in your previous jobs. If you are a newly graduate, mention your achievements while you are a student.

    5) Make sure to mention as well how you will be able to contribute to the success of the company. Do not forget to mention how your strengths will benefit them.

    6) Your last paragraph may include how the company can contact you. Your parting words could be telling the company how interested you are to join their company.

    7) Review your work. Countercheck the details and information you indicated in your resume. Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling.

    8 – Ask someone to read and evaluate your resume and cover letter. You might have reviewed it but you might have overlooked some details.

Here’s an example of an application letter.


December 10, 2010

Mr. John Smith
Washington University
123 Avenues of the Americas
New York, New York 09029

Dear Mr. Smith,

Prof. John Doe, a former colleague from my 15 years of teaching business courses at Lincoln University emailed me a copy of the posting for College Dean of the Business Administration Department. Because I have high regards to Washington University which I want to be part of it, I’m enclosing my resume for the review of the search committee.

As indicated in my resume, I started as a part-time faculty then was promoted as a full professor after two years. Currently, I am the Department Chair the Business Administration College of Lincoln University since 2005. Allow me to state my key achievements in this latter position. This includes:

1) Developing new business courses to be offered by the college.
2) Introducing new technologies on how to teach efficiently and effectively.
3) Implementing programs for the faculty’s growth and development.

I believe that my qualifications and experience will be an asset in Washington University.

I hope to hear from you soon the next steps and look forward for your favorable response.


Jane Parker, PhD.

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