Employee or Relative Death Announcement Letter

No one wants to hear the news that his family member or friend had passed away. It is also difficult to the boss and the company management to handle a deceased employee or a mourning employee over the death of his loved one. That is why death announcements are posted on their billboards; to let other employees and employers have sympathy for the grieving family.

A death announcement of a company is a sensitive company announcement. They request other officemates to understand the grieving family and have some time to visit them. Sometimes, donations are requested to help the family but it is not compulsory.

The tone of a death announcement letter has to be solemn yet positive. It has to state full details like the name of the decreased, the relation to the employer, the time and date of departure, the time and date of the memorial service, and if donations are needed or not. You can also put encouraging words to help the employer cope with the present situation and encouraging others to support him.

If the deceased is an employer, the harder it is for the employees. The statement has to be short and understandable with the picture of the employer attached. You can also put the address of the memorial service and the achievements of the employee in the company like the Top Employee Award. There is no need to write redundant sentences in these letters.

Here is a sample announcement letter of death of an employee’s parent.


July 25, 2010

HagerLand Inc.
Michael Flowers
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

HagerLand Inc.
Sales Division
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345


To All Employees:

HagerLand Inc. is sad to inform everyone that Christina White, the mother of the Sales Representative Ruby White, is passed away on July 17, 2010. Her remnants will be at the St. Francis Church at Winchester and buried on Brentwood Memorial Park in Sunday.

Donations are kindly accepted by the White family. Please contact Ruby White or her father, Michael White at this number: 516-555-9266 or go to their home address at 926 Creeky Road, Winchester, California92234.

Let us give our condolences to the White family and pray for them and for the decreased.

Mike Flowers
CEO of HagerLand Inc.

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