Letter of Acknowledgement of Documents Received

If you are operating a company or business, you also must expect business documents, letters and resumes coming from the office’s mail box. These documents are important matters especially if these are associated with product or service sales. If the person who sent you these documents is needed to be informed, you have to send him a Confirmation letter.

This kind of letter is a very short letter to acknowledge that you received the document. It is a way to say to the other person that he must not worry anymore because the tasks related to the document is on going.

Letters of this kind must be sent within two days. If this is not possible, then you must put the reason for the delay in writing. For fast and no cost letter sending, you must send it via email. Keep in mind that the letter has to be fully formatted before sending.

The letter must only contain the confirmation, no more or less. If you are putting other details, the letter will not look ethical and formal anymore. Just imagine reading a confirmation letter of a resume with some hints that the person is not qualified for the position. Of course, the person will be hurt.

Also, state the duration in which you will be doing the tasks that goes with the document especially if these are necessary for the business. If the receiver is out on a vacation, the secretary can inform the sender that the document is in the office and will be taken into action once the sender returns.

Here is a sample letter to acknowledge receipt of a resume, letter, or other business document:


April 15, 2010

Cheri Dials
Vice President
Idim Electronic Corporation
1481 Lynn Street
Needham, MA 02192

Dear Ms. Dials,

I, Cora Romero and the secretary of John Figueroa, am acknowledging the receipt of your letter and the attached documents sent on April 10.

Mr. Figueroa is on a vacation leave, but these documents will be brought into his attention as soon as he returns to his office.

Respectfully yours,

Cora Romero
Historic Designs Ltd.

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