Letter of Acknowledgement of Late Payment Received

There are some incidents that a customer fails to pay at the right time. It may be a head sore for employers and business owners. But even if this happens, you still need to be approachable to your customers. An acknowledgement letter is the perfect way to confirm your customer’s late payment.

An acknowledgement letter works as a payment confirmation letter. It also reduces further troubles for the customer because he might inquire about the delayed payment. You can give assurance to the customer that the company will still assist him on his needs.

You have to be sincere in writing this letter. Even if you are mad, never ever put your thoughts in writing. Keep in mind that there are some events that delays in payment cannot be avoided like for medical and finance reasons; and being rude would just make you lose you customers.

Better focus on your confirmation message which have to be formal and straight to the point. You must also clearly state the terms of payment between you and your customer for instant review. At the end of the letter, supply your contact details if ever he has some questions.

Here is a sample of a letter to acknowledge payment of an overdue balance:


March 2, 2010

Russell Williams
2088 Paul Wayne Haggerty Road
Kenner, LA 70065

Re: Overdue Balance Payment Acknowledgement for Account #50768

Dear Mr. Williams,

We are informing you that we have received your payment of $100 that was due last month. Thank you for you remittance and your account ban has been lifted.

Please keep in mind that you have to pay before the 15th of the month to avoid penalties. Customers who can not comply will be required to pay a penalty fee of %3 of the initial payment as well as an instant account ban.

If you still have any questions and inquiries, please call our hotline at 870-497-2855 or email me at josearnold@palicbankland.com. We are truly happy to hear from you soon.

Thank you for using our services and have a good day.


Jose Arnold
Bank Manager
Palick Bank Land Inc.

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