Letter of Complaint About a Neighbor

The letter of complaint about a neighbor which may be coursed to a homeowners’ association (HOA) or a landlord expresses the inconvenience experienced by a tenant over violations of agreed-upon rules of conduct in the residential area.

When verbal requests for a neighbor to modify inappropriate behavior (like making a lot of noise at night until the wee hours of the morning or engaging in illegitimate activities) fall on deaf ears, a formal letter of complaint may be sent to the landlord or HOA.

The letter may reasonably state the details pertaining to the breach of protocol while in the residential area, where homeowners or tenants have paid a premium to live in tranquility. Here’s a sample letter of complaint about a neighbor addressed to the property manager:


December 2, 2010

Mr. Glenn Adams
Property Manager
Capitol Apartment Complex
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 08264

Dear Mr. Adams,

I recently moved into the Capitol Apartment Complex, Unit 2008, and have enjoyed my stay the first few days. However I do have a concern about my next door neighbor.

It has come to my attention that occupants of Unit 2009 have let relatives to take up residence in their area, thereby causing a commotion late at night and in the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, my next door neighbor has been allowed to park multiple cars in the ground floor area fronting the residential units. This goes against two items in the lease agreement stipulating that no more than two individuals may occupy each studio unit at any given time, and vehicles must be parked at the space allotted for cars in the second floor of the residential complex.

I suggest that a firm reminder be issued to the residents of Unit 2009 on certain regulations that unit occupants need to comply with.

Hoping you can address these concerns at the soonest possible time


Merrill Harrow

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