Letter of Confirmation of an Order

Buying goods online is a good way to save time. But sometimes, if you haven’t received your order within the specified shipping date, you need to make contact with the seller to confirm an order you made through a letter.

An Order Confirmation

Letter is a good memo to inform the store about your late order. It is a good tangible evidence when you only made the transaction by phone or on an online payment form.

To write this letter, you must be accurate in detailing your orders. You can also put the specifications of the product if you asked for a customized order or state the special discounts and coupons you are using if applicable.

Here is a following example letter to confirm an order that you have made:


March 13, 2010

Roy Norman
Direct Seller
2399 Melm Street
Providence, MI 02903

Dear Sir,

This letter is to confirm my order for the following: Samsung LCD TV 21” screen, Ipad and PlayStation 3 priced at $300, $700 and $400 respectively, for a total of $1400. I placed the order on March 5 through an online payment form from your site. The confirmation email says that I will receive the following items after three days but until now I haven’t received any. I have attached a printout of the confirmation email for further proof.

I am expecting for your immediate action. These are to be delivered to 2328 Florence Street, Dallas TX. I am also expecting to receive a discount of 10% of the total value as stated on the late shipment discount on your website.

If you have further questions, please call me at my home number at 420-481-5312 or email at BerthaWToribio@sweetie.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Bertha Toribio

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