Letter to Confirm a Request of Authorization

Sometimes, your boss might ask you to work on his personal assets including bank accounts and properties. This may be a good time to impress to your boss, but it is also improper to proceed with your work.

To make sure that you are doing something legal for your boss, write a formal letter for a request confirmation of an authorization to take action.

Writing for a Confirmation Request is a must especially if your boss didn’t put your authorization on a piece of paper. It will be a proof that you have gained an authorization from your boss. If you tried to get your work done on a bank without it, the bank management will not allow you just because you might be a thief.

It also saves time by just letting your boss sign on the papers rather than making another letter to confirm authorization. Keep in mind that the letter must be straight forward and accurate based on what your boss asked you to do.

This is a sample letter of a request confirmation of an authorization to take place:


June 19, 2010

Ross McDonald
Rigger Oil Enterprises
4752 Farm Meadow Drive
Nashville, TN 37210

Dear Sir:

Yesterday, you asked me to withdraw the total amount of $10,000.00 from your bank account in Bank Land with account number of 521212576935. According to our conversation, the money will be used to pay for the bills of the main office as well as to purchase raw materials to be used in the company’s products.

It is for this reason that I request for your signature at the bottom of this page to confirm your authorization to the letter holder. Please include a photocopy of your ID and passbook for the bank’s further reference. Thank you.


Michael Lewis


Ross McDonald
Rigger Oil Enterprises


Jeffrey Morales
Finance Head Director
Rigger Oil Enterprises

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