Promotional Letter, Commercial Property Broker


When I analyze the qualifications of an applicant for a
sales position in our organization, I am primarily
interested in his or her track record. After all, when
it comes to selling real estate everyone has the same
motivation. Results! We are proud of our track record,
and hope that you will take a few moments to allow us
to introduce ourselves to you.

Our company began in 1972, and from the date of its
inception we have specialized in commercial property.
We watched the skyrocketing prices of residential
property in the late 70’s and questioned ourselves more
than once on whether or not we had made the right decision.

As it turns out, we were right, for we now have one of
the most successful national real estate firms in this
country. By specializing in the commercial property
area, we have gained an expertise in every conceivable
form of transaction and have built a list of clients
from New York to California.

I hope that you will take a few moments to read the
enclosed brochure which lists a few of our most recent
accomplishments as well as our previous achievements.
We would like to offer our expertise to you in buying,
selling, or leasing commercial property. If there is
any additional information you would like, please
contact me at the above address or call our toll-free
number, 800 650-9900.

Thank you for your time

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