Promotional Letter, Corporate Security


There is no doubt that without thieves, the world would be
a nicer place to live. Just imagine not having to lock your
doors at home, put your car in the garage, find a place for
your valuables, or even stop the delivery of the newspaper
when you are out of town. These habits have become an
integrated part of our lives because we recognize that we
are all potential victims and we do not live in a utopia.

The thief who takes off with a television, stereo, jewelry
and silver has one basic motive–money. While there is
always a fairly well accepted value to the "loot", this is
not true when a thief has stolen proprietary information from
your firm. How do you assess the value of the damage?
Unlike the home burglar, the corporate thief’s motivation is
not necessarily limited to self-enrichment. He may be
operating off of feelings of bitterness, revenge,
ego-fulfillment, daring or paying off an old debt.

Harold Chambers formed Chambers Information Systems in 1986.
After many years of service with our governmental information
gathering agencies, he has put his expertise to work in the
area of combating corporate crime.

Chambers Information Systems operates on a two-fold level.
One, is the evaluation of your existing security system,
operations and the methods for improvement. The second is a
screening of personnel who have access to security sensitive
areas. This study can be effectively accomplished without
the awareness of any of your personnel.

Through the last few years we have discovered that as
businesses grow there is often a greater need for additional
security measures. Our job is to seal up the cracks and to
keep items of a proprietary nature where they belong, in
your possession!

We will be happy to provide you with references and
anticipated costs. You are invited to contact us at your
earliest convenience.

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