Acknowledgment of Receipt of Estimate


This is to inform you that we have carefully reviewed your

estimate on the parking lot refurbishing. We are planning

to contract with you for this work.

We are unable to let this contract immediately, as final

approval of expenditures of this nature must come from the

head office in New York.

We expect to receive approval or disapproval within the

next 30 days. At such time, we will contact you with

instructions accordingly.

If we may be of any assistance in the meantime please

feel free to contact this office.

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Acknowledgment of Receipt [Document]


I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the following

documents from the firm of [firm] :






[Signature of Client]

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Acknowledgment of Notification of Lease Transfer


[name of leasing company] has received a notification that

the equipment we are leasing to [name of previous lessee]

will be transferred to and/or used by the [transferee.]

We have modifed our records to direct future invoices to:

[new lessee]



Schedule # 000000 commenced on [date] and rental

payments in the amount of $ plus applicable taxes are

due on the [date] of each month during the [number]

month initial lease term.

In consenting to this change, it is understood that [name

of transferee] agrees to pay the rent and perform all other

obligations required to be performed by the lessee in the


Should you have occasion to correspond with us regarding

this lease, please include the complete lessee number and

direct your inquiry to our Customer Service Department.

This will ensure a prompt reply.

Thank you and we look forward to your continued interest

in our services.

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Acknowledgment of Modified Terms



Date: _

To: _

Reference is made to the contract or order between us

dated _, 19_.

This letter will acknowledge that the contract is

modified and superseded by the following change in terms:

[Describe changed terms]


Unless we immediately hear from you to the contrary, we

shall assume said modification is mutually agreeable.

Very truly,


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