Acknowledgment of Warranty and Instruction for Product Return


We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing

problems with your new [name of product].

While we do ask that our customers contact their dealer in

the event of a problem, we recognize that, in your case, it

his would be impossible. Therefore, if you will carefully

package the unit in its original carton and send it to us,

our “doctors” will put it through a thorough examination to

determine the source of the problem.

If the problem turns out to be a minor adjustment, we shall

make the repair and be sure to return the [product] to you

within thirty days. If our determination is that the unit

is defective, we will send you an immediate replacement.

Again, I am sorry that you experienced this difficulty and

wish to thank you for your patience and for purchasing our


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Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Idea


Dear _:

We appreciate your interest in submitting to us an idea

or proposal relative to: _

Our firm receives many ideas, suggestions and proposals,

and has many of its own projects under development. Therefore,

it is possible the idea or proposal you plan to submit to us

has been considered and/or may already be in the planning


Nevertheless, we would be pleased to accept your idea or

proposal for review, provided it is accompanied by this

acknowledgement letter signed by you.

It is understood that:

1. Samples or other submissions will be returned to the

submitter only if return postage or freight is prepaid.

2. The company accepts no responsibility for casualty or

loss to samples in our possession.

3. The company can accept no responsibility for holding

any information in confidence.

4. The company shall pay compensation only in the event

it, a) accepts the idea, b) has received the idea only

from the submitter, and c) reaches agreement with the

submitter as to terms and conditions.

If these terms are acceptable to you, please sign where indicated below and return together with your idea or proposal.

Very truly,

The foregoing terms and conditions are understood and acknowledged.



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Acknowledgment of Request for Bid, Comfirmation of Deadline


Thank you for your request for our bid on [project]

This letter is to acknowledge our receipt of said request

and to advise you that we will be submitting our proposal

on or before [confirmation of deadline]

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Acknowledgment of Modified Terms



Date: _

To: _

Reference is made to the contract or order between us

dated _, 19_.

This letter will acknowledge that the contract is

modified and superseded by the following change in terms:

[Describe changed terms]


Unless we immediately hear from you to the contrary, we

shall assume said modification is mutually agreeable.

Very truly,


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Acknowledgment of Merchandise Returned for Repair


The [product name and model number] that you

mailed to us for repair was received on [date]

We will be returning it to you as soon as the necessary

adjustments are made.

We are sorry that you experienced a problem with our

product and want to thank you for purchasing a

[name of product]

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Acknowledgment of Customer Praise of Employee


Thank you for your kind letter regarding your exceptional

treatment by one of our employees. A copy of your letter

has been forwarded to the personnel department and will be

included in the employee’s file.

So seldom is it that a customer takes the time to write a

letter of appreciation, that I feel moved to reward your


Please accept the enclosed certificate, which, when

presented, will entitle the bearer to a ten percent

discount on the merchandise being purchased at that time.

This is but a small token of our appreciation of customers

such as you, upon whose satisfaction we have been allowed

to grow and prosper in this highly competitive marketplace.

Again, on behalf of our entire organization, a heart-felt

thank you.

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Acknowledgment of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay


Thank you for your order. At this time we cannot fill your

order due to an unexpected shipment delay from our overseas


We will hold your order for arrival of the merchandise, and

ship shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, we cannot provide

you with a specific shipping date at this time.

Thank you for your anticipated patience in this matter.

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Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order



Date: _

To: _ [Customer]

We are in receipt of your order as contained in the

attached purchase order form.

We confirm acceptance on said order subject only to the

following exceptions: [Describe]


On exceptions noted, we shall assume you agree to same

unless objection is received within ten days of receipt of

this notice.

Thank you for your patronage.

Very truly,


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