Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings


Friends are rare to find, true friends that is. When you find yourself offending a close friend, it is wise to write a letter of apology for hurting their feelings.

Here is an example:


December 25, 2010

Betty Gray
123 Mockingbird Lane
Canoga, PA 12242

Beatrice Schultz
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear Beatrice,

I know I hurt your feelings when I failed to attend your wedding. I received the wedding invitation you sent but I decided not to come. You have been a good friend to me all those years and I really felt so selfish for not granting your wish, that is for me to be there when you say your “I do”. My conscience kept bothering me.

Please accept my sincere apology. I had no intention of causing you pain and I really regret not having attended the happiest moment in your life. I still remember the vow me made in high school to witness each other’s wedding but I was really busy with my new business. We recently put up a restaurant and as co-owner I have to be there to manage the business.

By the way, I have sent you a wedding gift. It is a trip for two to Vegas. It comes with three nights and two days stay at the Casino Royale. I hope it will ease the hurt you are feeling right now. As your best friend, I wish you all the happiness and love money cannot buy. My advice for you would be the following: That which you seek in a relationship, you must be willing to first give it, be it love, compassion, understanding or anything else.

I remember my sister’s wedding. It was the only wedding I cried at. You could feel the emotion charged behind the words; it wasn’t simply a recitation. It was very emotional. It struck me as one of the most powerful moments in the service; power in frailty.

It truly was a beautiful thing. All our friends and relatives were there to share the happiness with us. My sister was so beautiful in her white wedding gown and her groom is so attractive in his tuxedo. I am sure your wedding is as beautiful as that one. I am really sad I was not there during your wedding. I hope you could find in your heart to forgive me.



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