Letter Samples A-D

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings


Friends are rare to find, true friends that is. When you find yourself offending a close friend, it is wise to write a letter of apology for hurting their feelings.

Here is an examp



December 25, 2010

Betty Gray
123 Mockingbird Lane
Canoga, PA 12242

Beatrice Schultz
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear Beatrice,

I know I hurt your feelings when I failed to attend your wedding. I received the wedding invitation you sent but I decided not to come. You have been a good friend to me all those years and I really felt so selfish for not granting your wish, that is for me to be there when you say your “I do”. My conscience kept bothering me.

Please accept my sincere apology. I had no intention of causing you pain and I really regret not having attended the happiest moment in your life. I still remember the vow me made in high school to witness each other’s wedding but I was really busy with my new business. We recently put up a restaurant and as co-owner I have to be there to manage the business.

By the way, I have sent you a wedding gift. It is a trip for two to Vegas. It comes with three nights and two days stay at the Casino Royale. I hope it will ease the hurt you are feeling right now. As your best friend, I wish you all the happiness and love money cannot buy. My advice for you would be the following: That which you seek in a relationship, you must be willing to first give it, be it love, compassion, understanding or anything else.

I remember my sister’s wedding. It was the only wedding I cried at. You could feel the emotion charged behind the words; it wasn’t simply a recitation. It was very emotional. It struck me as one of the most powerful moments in the service; power in frailty.

It truly was a beautiful thing. All our friends and relatives were there to share the happiness with us. My sister was so beautiful in her white wedding gown and her groom is so attractive in his tuxedo. I am sure your wedding is as beautiful as that one. I am really sad I was not there during your wedding. I hope you could find in your heart to forgive me.



Apology Letter for Damaged Property


Causing damage to someone else’s property can mean one of two things, intentional and accidental. Whichever the case, it is best to write a letter of apology for the damaged property you cau

sed. Express remorse and find a way to make reparations.

Here is a sample of a letter of apology for damaged property.


December 20, 2010

Scott Glean
123 Mockingbird Lane
Canoga, PA 12242

William Told
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear William,

Please allow me to express my sincere apology for the wrongful act I have done last November 25, 2010 which caused damage to your fence. I just came from work before the accident. I worked for twelve hours and I was really very sleepy during that time. The truth of the matter is that I had no such intention of damaging your property but it was done purely by accident. My mind was focused on going home as fast as I can, have a hot shower, nice dinner and going to bed. It kept bothering me that I failed to notice that I am already driving too fast. I tried to swerve away from the fence but it was too late. The newly painted fence fell and it was my entire fault. I know that you have just put up that fence a week ago and it made me feel really bad about the situation.

I am good in doing carpentry work and if you want to, I am willing to do the repairs on your fence. I am a full service General Contractor specializing in Residential Renovations including; Kitchens, Bathrooms, Master Suites, Basements, Attic Additions, Media Rooms, Furniture, and Custom Cabinetry. I can finish all the repairs in one day.

But if you do not want me to do the repairs, I am very willing to pay for the cost of the carpentry works as a gesture of my sincere apology. We have been neighbors for quite some time although I don’t regularly join our community cook-out so I don’t really want us to be hostile with each other. We could be good friends, too. I am really ashamed of what I have done and the wrongful act I made will make me guiltier and will further bother my conscience if this letter of apology will not warrant your forgiveness. I really hope you would forgive me.

I promise that this incident will not happen again. I promise to be really careful in driving so as not to cause damages such as this. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Scott Glean

Apology Letter for an Invoice or Billing Error


Financial matters are a big issue for many people. They will get upset when they find there is a billing error that they get. It is best to issue a letter of apology for an invoice or bi

lling error.

Here is an example of a letter of apology for a billing error:


December 20, 2010

Scott Glean
Accounts Supervisor
ACME Company
987 Business Center Circle
Juneau, Alaska 99876

William Told
876 Glacier Drive
Humet, CA 92353

Dear Mr. Told,

You might have received invoice number 1200 from our company during the past days. The said invoice states that you are to pay for $250 but the correct amount to be paid is only $25. We are very sorry for having sent the wrong amount to you. Our billing system erroneously exchanged the amounts due from our customers. The said amount is supposed to be billed to another customer but the billing department erroneously sent you the wrong amount. We have been experiencing some trouble with our billing system lately and we do apologize for the inconvenience such error might have caused you. You have been one of our top customers and we treasure your continued patronage.

We assure you that this will not happen again because we will soon be availing the services of telecommunications service providers. Our company will soon be undergoing a system upgrade. This step will surely minimize billing issues for two primary reasons: Reduce the impact on the customer and the customer care organization and reduce the negative revenue impact, by controlling both actual dollars lost and customer churn. Customer churn, also known as customer attrition, customer turnover or customer defection, is a business term used to describe loss of clients or customers.

We understand the need for all companies to have an invoice verification process to evaluate the sample output from every billing cycle. No company should believe that there is no need to do this. Things do change, and do go wrong, even if nothing has been modified in the actual billing software. As problems are discovered, ad hoc tools should be in place to immediately determine the impact on the customer and company finances. If the problems are found to be minor in both categories, the cycle can usually be approved, and customer inquiries and issues managed after the fact.

We value our customers and we always want them to be satisfied with the service that we deliver. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We assure you that your next billing statement will be updated and it will reflect the correct bill.

Thank you,

Scott Glean
Accounts Supervisor
ACME Company

Application Letter to Study in a Foreign University

An application letter to study in a foreign university should include the reasons why are you interested in pursuing to study a specific field in that university.

You have to mention your traits, qualities, goals, educational b

ackground, achievements, and extra curricular activities.

You should focus on explaining why are you interested to study in the said university and other information that will show that you are a good fit for the school.

Here’s a sample letter to serve as your guide in writing an application letter.


December 10, 2010

Dr. John Done
Institute Dean
Graduate School of Business
Berkshire University
London, England

Dear Dr. Done,

I am an Economics graduate of Aquinas University in the California. The university is known to produce top tier graduates with excellent academic records plus a well-rounded person.

I have this burning ambition to widen my horizons through higher studies. I want to be an instrument to help the business economy. I strongly believe that through the Master in Business Administration program of Lincoln University, I can enhance and hone my knowledge thoroughly. It will open my eyes to the global setting of business economy. It will help me prepare as well to be a leader and mentor.

Allow me to briefly give you some information about myself. I have a passion for reading educational magazines, management books, and journals. Among my academic strengths include Algebra, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management.

I also held the position as the Student Council President of our college. Some of my key achievements as President are: the tutoring program, relief operations to victims of different calamities and initiated the talks regarding adding additional study areas.

I am hopeful for the opportunity to become part of your prestigious university. Given the premier curriculum, competent and high caliber faculty and state-of-the art classroom and facilities, it will help me attain my goals and plans.

I look forward to hear a favorable response regarding my application for the Master in Business Administration program of Lincoln University.

Thank you.

John Scott
Applicant for Graduate School
Rainbow, California

College or University Application Letter

An application letter or a letter of intent for admission into a college or university is a correspondence that includes your accomplishments, personal qualities, goals and reasons why you want to pursue your studies in that

particular university.

Most colleges and universities require all applicants to submit an application essay wherein you have to discuss something about your strengths, skills, passion, or an interesting story about your life.

Some might just require you to prepare a formal letter of intent that shows how qualified you are as a candidate for the school.

Here’s a sample letter of application into a college or university:


December 10, 2010

Dr. John Smith
College Dean
Faculty of Arts and Letters
Washington University
Seattle, Washington, 99091

Dear Dr. Smith,

I would like to express my interest for the Bachelor of Arts degree Major in Economics at the Washington University.

Allow me to briefly describe myself. The best word that I can say about myself is I am responsible. At the age of 10, my parents died in a car accident and I was left under my grandparents with my younger sister. It was my turning point to maturation. At an early age, I was raised how to look after my younger sister. It helped me be matured and think like an adult. I have to be responsible, be independent and decide on my own. All the challenges that I faced helped me to be a strong person. It helped me improve my judgment and decision capacity.

With all the challenges, it didn’t hinder me to become a diligent student. I was thirsty for knowledge and information. I always read news, journals, and educational magazines that helped me widen my knowledge. I can say that I have a strong foundation in Science and Mathematics. I am excelling in subjects such as Statistics, Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry. Marketing and Computer Science also appeal to me because I believe that for you to become a great economist, you have to widen your horizons beside numbers.

I also believe that a person will not learn everything inside the classroom. I gained practical skills from other activities I participated such as a campaign drive for victims of hurricane Katrina. Our community organized a relief campaign for the victims which I am part of it as one of the team leaders.

I know that Washington University’s premier curriculum, distinguished faculty and up-to-date facilities will help me fully develop my potentials and help me achieve my chosen career path.

I hope that you will consider my application as one of your students in the economics department.

Thank you.

Sarah Beddard

Scholarship Application Letter

Writing an application letter for a scholarship is asking for approval to be one of the scholars of an institute or a prominent person. The scholarship letter is essentially about financial aid that are usually being given to

the less fortunate but deserving candidates.

The letter should be written in a professional manner, and must be clear. Although sometimes, it is written on a personal tone especially if the scholarship will be coming from the personal funds of a person.

It is advisable that before you write a scholarship letter, you should have done your homework: make a research of the scholarship provider. Get information about the requirements on how you will be granted by the scholarship.

Know the factors what the provider are looking for candidates. Construct a letter that is in conversational style. Be courteous and do not boost too much about yourself on why they should give you the scholarship.

Make sure as well that your letter is free from any spelling, typographical or grammatical errors.

Below is an example of a letter of application for a scholarship:


December 10, 2010

c/o The Scholarship Committee
XYZ Transportation, Inc.
New York City, New York 01928

Dear Mr. Doe:

I recently found out that your company Sports Car scholarship program for young adults. It is all about technically-oriented graduates who want to be part of the Sports Car certified mechanics program. I recently graduated from Cal State Riverside. The institution is a well-known training center in the Philippines that has been providing local and international companies with competent mechanics. The graduates are equipped with basic knowledge and skills in automotive bundled with dedication to work.

As one of the products of the training center, I dream to be a world class mechanic. I believe that I am an ideal candidate for the Sports Car scholarship award. I would like to thank you as well for continuously giving support through your scholarship program persons who deserves to fly.

I hope to hear from your office regarding the process and requirements. For the meantime, I have enclosed my resume, high school transcript of records, accomplished application form, and letter of recommendation.

Thank you for your time and efforts in reading my letter.


Jason Lee

Letter of Authorization for Work to be Done

Sometimes, you would need to ask for experts to fix your home or office. There are some concerns, damages or emergencies in the home or office that have to be expected like calamities or renovations. A very polite way to ask the person his service

s is to send a letter of Authorization.

This letter of Authorization might be very different from the others because you are requesting someone to touch your personal space. Nevertheless, you still need to inform the person in a formal manner that you are hiring his services. It is also a great way to say that you are expecting his great services, which will give the person confidence for his job.

Go straight to the point when you are writing this letter. It should contain all the things that the person must fix or move in your space. For better time management, you can clear all the things before the arrival of the person.

You may enclose a down-payment; just make sure that you also have a copy of the letter for legal proof. Also write in the letter your gratitude for his services. Lastly, put in all your contact details so he can easily reach you for inquires.

Here is an example of an authorization letter:


Juan Sides
Caduk Homes Services
4492 White Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78476

Dear Mr. Sides,

I am requesting you to design the interiors of my newly furnished office. I heard from my other colleagues that you provide exceptional interior designs. I am enclosing $1500 as my initial payment.

I already have the basic office desk and chairs to be used in my office. I am open to hear from your suggestions regarding on the decorations to be used. Under my approval, you will buy the other decorations and I will pay for all of these. I fully understand that it might take some days to finish the room.

Don’t hesitate to call me at 304-852-5718 or send a message at jacobsaucier@sapphirebaritone. for further questions. I am hoping to see you in my office as soon as you can.

Truly yours,

Jacob Saucier

Letter of Authorization for Legal Representation

If you are in the middle of a lawsuit, it would not be wise to represent your own case. A lawyer is the best professional to present your case. He or she has the knowledge and skills to handle your case. One way to have a lawyer represent you is t

o write a letter of authorization for Legal Representation.

A Legal Representation Authorization letter is a formal letter that asks the receiver to represent you. It is better to put both of your agreements in writing to prove that he will be your legal lawyer. It is also a safe way to state the terms of his hiring contract. You can also write this letter if you cannot go in a very important event because of emergencies. Just make sure that the person knows exactly what to do in that event.

The letter needs to be short and precise. Write down all the necessary details especially the payment details. Always put your contact information so you can modify the terms if he would not agree. Also leave a space for him to sign so he can use the letter as a proof.

Here is a sample letter to authorize legal representation:


January 20, 2010

James Waltz, Esq.
1161 Highland Drive
Green Bay, WI 54303

Dear Mr. Waltz,

I am authorizing you to act as my legal lawyer to handle the court case that I filed against League Pony Ltd. Enclosed with this letter is a $5000 check for the first retainer.

I understand that your rate is $300 per hour and $200 for additional filings. If I exceeded from the payment, please let me know. Wait for my approval for the additional retainer. I do also recall that you said in a phone conversation that the case will not cost more than $30,000.

Please sign at the bottom of this letter if you agree on the terms. If you still have other arrangements for the matter, don’t hesitate to call me at 252-335-7292 or send a message at EulaKissell@jissax.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Eula Bissell
Jissax Corporation


James Waltz
Legal Lawyer

Letter of Acknowledgement of Documents Received

If you are operating a company or business, you also must expect business documents, letters and resumes coming from the office’s mail box. These documents are important matters especially if these are associated with product or service sales

. If the person who sent you these documents is needed to be informed, you have to send him a Confirmation letter.

This kind of letter is a very short letter to acknowledge that you received the document. It is a way to say to the other person that he must not worry anymore because the tasks related to the document is on going.

Letters of this kind must be sent within two days. If this is not possible, then you must put the reason for the delay in writing. For fast and no cost letter sending, you must send it via email. Keep in mind that the letter has to be fully formatted before sending.

The letter must only contain the confirmation, no more or less. If you are putting other details, the letter will not look ethical and formal anymore. Just imagine reading a confirmation letter of a resume with some hints that the person is not qualified for the position. Of course, the person will be hurt.

Also, state the duration in which you will be doing the tasks that goes with the document especially if these are necessary for the business. If the receiver is out on a vacation, the secretary can inform the sender that the document is in the office and will be taken into action once the sender returns.

Here is a sample letter to acknowledge receipt of a resume, letter, or other business document:


April 15, 2010

Cheri Dials
Vice President
Idim Electronic Corporation
1481 Lynn Street
Needham, MA 02192

Dear Ms. Dials,

I, Cora Romero and the secretary of John Figueroa, am acknowledging the receipt of your letter and the attached documents sent on April 10.

Mr. Figueroa is on a vacation leave, but these documents will be brought into his attention as soon as he returns to his office.

Respectfully yours,

Cora Romero
Historic Designs Ltd.

Letter Accepting an Honor

When you receive a letter saying that you will be recognized as one of the recipients of a prestigious award, it is appropriate that you reply back through a formal letter. By doing this, it shows how thankful you are and how you appreciate t

he recognition. It also shows how you respect the organization who is giving you the award. This is the opportunity as well to clarify the details about the procedure and the event.

How do you now write a letter accepting an honor? Below are tips and sample statements that could serve as your guide.

1) Start your letter by thankfully accepting the award. You have to specify what kind of award you are accepting.

Sample statements:
I am deeply overwhelmed to learn that I was named as the Best Innovator Employee. I am honored to accept this recognition.

It is with a great pleasure and appreciation to accept the Centennial Literary Award from International Literary Organization for my autobiography book.

You may consider the following phrases:

  • With sincere appreciation
  • Am honored to accept this
  • to learn that
  • was surprised and delighted
  • when I heard that I was
  • with great pleasure
  • Will be an honor for me to

2) If it is indicated in the letter that there will be an award ceremony, you have to indicate in your acceptance letter if you have intentions of attending the said event. Confirm your attendance and clarify the details such as the venue, date, time, and attire. You may ask also if you need to prepare something like a speech or if you need to provide any details about yourself.

Sample sentences:

This is to inform you that my family and I are happy to confirm our attendance on the awarding ceremony to be held on December 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm. Kindly let me know if you need anything from me for the said event.

I will attend the awarding ceremony on December 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm with my family.

Here are sample phrases that you might consider:

  • plan to attend the
  • please let me know whether
  • regret that I will not be able to
  • wanted to let you know that
  • will be happy to
  • will be out of town
  • would like permission to thank

3) Close your letter by expressing how thankful you are for the honor.

Sample statements:

Thank you once again for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I really appreciate the honor you bestowed on me.

  • Below are sample phrases:
  • Grateful to receive such an honor
  • appreciate the recognition
  • for thinking of me
  • thank you for
  • this unexpected recognition

Sample note of acceptance

November 26, 2010

Dear Mr. Washington,


I really felt honored after reading your letter that I have been selected will and will be awarded for the Civil Service award. I appreciate your gesture in giving me this credit and acknowledging my contributions.

As instructed by your staff, Jane and I will accept this great award at the Yellowstone Grand Ballroom on December 20, 2010. I will provide your staff with all my personal details and brief biography within this week.

Again, I wish to let you know that this is unexpected and I am truly overwhelmed by this prestigious recognition. I wish to see you all on December 20.

Yours truly,

John Doe